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Kate Hansen's love of luge has carried her to Olympics

For more than a decade, Hansen, very much the embodiment of a California girl, has devoted her desire, determination, body, mind and soul to luge, speeding down tracks from Utah to Russia.

Six runs of practice and then two runs to glory.

racing comes, you ready to go. Nothing else matters, all that matters is making it down that track I leaving it all on the ice. the globe, with her back on a sled, her feet forward and her aspirations high, Hansen has dreamed full speed ahead.

go up to speeds of 80 miles an hour. It just you and the sled. If you just turn your head wrong, you hit a wall. It all about finesse and flow, says the 2010 La Ca High graduate and lifelong La Ca Flintridge resident. just hard to keep your cool when you feel like you have rocket boosters coming out of you. lies a sample size of the high speed world in which Hansen has ascended, realizing the ultimate goal of becoming a United States Olympian in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Still just a sophomore at Brigham Young University and only 21, at first glance, it might not seem as though it been a long nor arduous road. But the majority of Hansen life has been spent with "Anadrol 50" a sled behind her and promise in front.

It has been a run filled with curves that have taken her through peaks and valleys, the struggle to hold tight to the normality of being a teenager at La Ca High while spending the majority of her time training and racing in different states and countries.

There has been heartache and bone breaks, tears of joy, sadness and, most recently, complete and utter relief.

Perhaps most amazingly, she has carried through it all with a smile. And it would seem it is that affection for the sport that has carried her now onto the world grandest stage.

is 10 years of hard work in the making, Buy Anadrol Cheap says Tamar Hill, who taught Hansen at La Ca and was also her basketball coach for three seasons. many people can you say that actually worked that hard and are able to fulfill their dreams? It really impressive. I feel blessed that I gotten to know her. I glad she decided to stick with it and persevere.

Just 10 years old, Hansen and her dad John, after having talked to his friend, made the trek south for a luge recruitment clinic.

dad and I went down there and the rest is history, Hansen says.

As the story goes, "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" Hansen never shied from sports. She skateboarded and surfed, she played basketball and volleyball, softball and track. You name "Anaboliset Aineet" it, she played it, it seems.

Kate, we didn have to push the sports, John says. efforts weren in sports, we just got her to the field. the field or arena or track, it seems "Anaboliset Aineet" as if her athletic talents knew no bounds.

didn really matter Anavar Vs Winstrol Reddit what sport: luge found her, says Shannon O Hansen close friend and a La Ca High graduate, could excelled in any sport, I confident. long after Hansen was introduced to luge, Deca Durabolin For Sale Canada she was traveling to Park City, Utah twice a month on weekends, John and wife Kathie alternating accompanying her to one of two luge tracks in the United States the other is in Lake Placid, New York.

California hardly a luge hotbed, and others in Hansen age group in the program were training three times as often as her, John says, but it didn matter.

really liked it and "buy cheap jintropin online" she had a proclivity with it, John says. she kept at it and her coach liked what he saw. also gave Kate what just about every elementary aged kid desires most.

there a way to miss some school, when you 10 or 11, that pretty much the biggest thing, Kate says.

But as she entered high school, as training and competition would take her out of school more and more often, and farther and farther away, she did everything possible to stay a Spartan.

definitely didn take for granted when I was able to be in class, she says. really wanted to graduate with my class. certainly wasn without its difficulties, and some hesitance, especially when your excuse for missing class after class is because you training in a sport many haven heard of.

lot of people didn know what luge was. They just thought I was on vacation all the time, she says. of my teenage hood, you could say, took place on the road 90% out of America. it only fitting that someone who finds success in less than 90 seconds on a luge track did all she could in the short time provided.

be gone and all of a sudden I get a random call and she be like, back, let hang out, O recalls. would always make the most of her time back home.

would come home and be a teenager; be a kid. For three seasons she was on the varsity girls basketball squad.

was on the roster, but she was usually out of the country, Hill jokes.

Still, Hansen time on the basketball team and in each of her other endeavors not only showcased an uncanny ability to cram as much as possible into the fleeting moments of her high school days, but to grasp tightly to the real world of being a high school kid while balancing her luge aspirations around the globe.

think being on the basketball team gave her a sense of being normal in an abnormal situation, Hill says.

In one more example of just how spectacular a natural athlete she is, Hansen even tried track and field her senior year. And for an athlete who specialized in a sport in which you sliding on the icy ground, she showed she could jump pretty high, as well.