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Kent soldier gets a hero's welcome home

For John Paquette, it's good to be home.

After a year at Camp Prosperity in the heart of the Green Zone in Baghdad, John, 25, returned to his West Hill home this past week to discover his whole family waiting and the entire cul de sac filled with friends and neighbors, all of whom were waving flags and cheering.

With "Burma Shave " Achat Kamagra Pas Cher style signs stretching up the block to welcome him, John smiled and waved before making his way to grandparents, who were waiting at the foot of the driveway for him.

Seated in his wheelchair waiting for John was Leon Paquette, a World War II veteran and John's inspiration for joining the Washington National Guard.

"Seeing my grandpa was definitely emotional," John said Friday. "The Army prepares you to get physically strong, but nothing prepares you for a hug like that."

After a year in Iraq and five days in lockdown in Wisconsin, John has finally come home and his family can now exhale.

"It's fantastic," said father Dale Paquette, who set up the surprise celebration and picked his son up at Fort Lewis. "Now I can kind Anavar E Espinhas of get back on track.

"It's great to have him home," he said.

The morning after his return, John said he woke up at his own pace and savored his freedom from the military in a simple, yet wholly satisfying way: He didn't shave.

"It felt so good not to have to go to the bathroom and shave," he said with a broad smile.

The cooler temperatures, the lack of a constant sewage smell and the absence of sirens and gunfire are also a nice change from his years in Iraq. Not to mention not having to beware of roadside bombs or explosives dropped from overpasses.

"It's such a great feeling knowing I don't have to watch my back anymore or worry about something falling on me and blowing up," John said.

However, not all the training melts away so easily. While driving to a friend's on his first night back in the States, John said he saw a box in the road and his training kicked in as he took a wide berth around what in Kent is litter, but which "Comprar Gh Jintropin" in Iraq could be an explosive.

Smiling about it a day later, John shook it off.

"For a full year we were paranoid about looking for things on the side of the road," he said with a shrug, adding once again that it is nice to be home.

As a member of the Washington National Guard's 81st Brigade, Bravo Troop, 1 303rd Cavalry, "Comprar Gh Jintropin" John spent the past year on diplomatic security duties, accompanying State Department officials and other high level guests around Iraq.

Though life in the walled off Green Zone is fairly secure, John said things change quickly once you get outside of the protective walls.

"As soon as you hit the Red Zone you were open for an IED attack," John said, using the acronym for an Improvised Explosive Device, used by insurgents to attack Coalition soldiers.

In Baghdad, any section of the city outside the heavily fortified Green Zone is considered the Red Zone, where attacks can come at any time.

"It's extremely dangerous anytime you went out in the Red Zone," John said. "We tried to limit how long we were in the Red Zone."

During his time in country, however, John said he and his unit were very lucky and were not attacked, despite working security for foreign dignitaries.

However, John had to remain ready and gunfire was a near daily occurrence in the city around him, something that took some time to get accustomed. Not all of the gunfire was enemy fire, though, making it even more confusing. According to John, the lack of traffic "buy cheap jintropin online" lights led Iraqis "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" to control intersections by firing their weapons into the air to announce when to stop and when to go.

But the biggest threat, John said, was "complacency," of becoming so used to the daily grind that they would not be prepared if an actual attack came.

Well, that and the heat, of course.

"The heat was excruciating," he said.

Where Kent broiled under 100 degree temperatures last month, John said his days in Baghdad regularly reached 115 degrees and it even got as hot as 135 while he was there.

Add about 50 pounds of gear and John said Deca Durabolin C'Est Quoi there were days where he would drink a gallon of water every hour and still feel dehydrated under the searing desert sun.

With missions ranging from one to seven hours each day, John said he and his unit had a lot of time to kill during the year in Iraq. Gifts and calls from home were a nice distraction, but often were a double edged sword, reminding John not only how much he was loved, but also how Cycle With Testosterone Cypionate far he was from his family.

Though he could call home whenever he wanted, he would sometimes wait for several weeks to call and talk to his dad.